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Carol Treglio

University of California, San Diego 

MDTP Outreach Facilitator

Carol has supported MDTP as the Outreach Facilitator at UCSD since 2018, working with districts and groups of teachers to help them with analyzing their MDTP data and thinking through next steps. She worked with San Diego Unified as a classroom teacher, department chair, a coach, a professional developer and a curriculum writer as well as an instructor of presevice secondary mathematics teachers. She retired from the San Diego County Office of Education where she was the director of a math/science grant and led many modified lesson studies involving math and science teachers. Through her work, she continues to maintain that It is not what content we teach but how students engage with the concepts that leads to success.

Carol is an active member of both GSDMC and of CMCS and regularly presents at GSDMC, CMCS, CMCN and NCTM. She is currently CMCS President.

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