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MingLun Ho

Chabot College

Mathematics Chair, Instructor

Ming has been a full-time faculty at Chabot College since Spring 2004 and the head of its Math Department since 2014. One of the best things about teaching at a community college is the wide range of courses available to teach, from arithmetic to statistics to calculus and advanced classes like differential equations and linear algebra. He finds explaining fractions, F-distribution, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus equally challenging and delightful as he tunes his instruction to the level of the students and sees their aha moments with important mathematical ideas. 

Prior to Chabot, he taught math at Arroyo High School in Chabot's service area, where he also taught Advanced Placement Computer Science. In his previous life before teaching, he was a programmer analyst in a management information systems department at a Silicon Valley company, which has since been acquired by Intel. In that capacity, he supported a business software that was written in COBOL, which he had never used in school; it was a perfect example of how an education is about giving one the tools to think, not just providing skills to do specific jobs.

Ming earned his bachelor's degree in Engineering Mathematics and Statistics from the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley - Go Bears! His engineering emphasis was computer science. Later he returned to Cal for an MA in Education and a California Single Subject Credential in Mathematics. When not engaged in mathematical and scientific activities, he likes to swim, hike, and dance. He enjoys partner social dancing (mostly country western two-step) and performing with an American clogging group and an English Morris dance group. Here are a couple of his performance videos: