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Suggestions for Using MDTP


MDTP offers multiple suggestions and guidelines for using the MDTP Assessment System. Visit each of the pages described below to learn how to use MDTP in effective and appropriate ways.

Mapping MDTP Topics to State Standards

View a progression map of MDTP Topics from each diagnostic test to the California State Standards for Mathematics at MDTP Topic Progressions Towards College Readiness.

Suggestions for Using MDTP

MDTP provides suggestions for implementing diagnostic assessments during the academic year to gather baseline data, check improvement/growth, and to inform instructional actions.  See recommendations by grade or course at Using MDTP Diagnostic Assessments during the Academic Year.

MDTP Conference Recorded Sessions

Previously held MDTP virtual conference sessions provided in-depth opportunities for math educators to learn about the MDTP Assessment System and how to use MDTP results formatively and equitably. View previously recorded sessions at MDTP Conferences.

MDTP Webinar Recorded Sessions

Previously held MDTP webinars supported math educators to use the MDTP Assessment System during COVID-19. Webinars feature a 30-minute info-session on specified topics immediately followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. View previously recorded session at MDTP Webinars.

MDTP offers free outreach directly to math educators at the teacher, school, and district level to use MDTP in effective and appropriate ways (such as pre-testing support and post-data workshops).  Contact your MDTP Regional Office to schedule a support session with your local MDTP Regional Director.