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CSU Fullerton MDTP Regional Office

The CSU Fullerton MDTP regional office supports K-12 mathematics educators from schools and districts in the counties listed below. The staff at the CSU Fullerton regional office assists MDTP users with online testing registration, paper test orders, and scanning.

Dr. David Pagni, the CSU Fullerton MDTP Site Director, is available to assist educators in analyzing MDTP diagnostic data that can be used to identify and inform instructional shifts necessary to remedy misconceptions and close gaps in mathematical content knowledge.

Events 2023-2024

CSU Fullerton Presents "MDTP and the 2023 CA Math Framework: The Building Blocks for the Big Mathematical Ideas"

  • 4-7:30 pm on January 17, 2024 at CSU Fullerton 
  • Attend a hands-on Professional Development session that shows teachers how to use MDTP for
    formative assessments.
  • Learn how key concepts measured by MDTP test items are the “Building Blocks” for the “Big
    Mathematical Ideas” stressed in the new 2023 CA Math Framework
  • Learn how to incorporate the analysis of MDTP data to inform instructional practices. (5-step
    framework focusing MDTP formatively)
  • Get acquainted with Charter 12 of the 2023 CA Math Framework (“Mathematics Assessment in the 21st
  • Après workshop, enjoy a dinner at the Cal State Fullerton Marriott discussing what you learned with
    colleagues from other schools and districts.
  • Conference Information and Registration

CSU Fullerton Counties Served

Orange County and schools in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino counties near Fullerton

View the full list of Districts in the MDTP CSU Fullerton Region.


Attention: Angela Hoang (MDTP)
California State University, Fullerton
Math Dept. - 434A McCarthy Hall
800 N. State College Blvd.  
Fullerton, CA 92831


Dr. David Pagni, MDTP Site Director

Office: (657) 278-2671
Fax:     (657) 278-3972

Angela Hoang, MDTP Site Coordinator

Office: (657) 278-2691