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The MDTP Assessment System 

The MDTP Assessment System provides three assessment tools for teachers: Grade-level Assessments of Preparedness and Course-level Readiness Tests9th Grade Assessments, and Open-Response Items.

MDTP Assessments of Preparedness and Readiness Tests

Measure students’ preparedness for the foundational topics of their current or subsequent course of study and are informed by the Calfornia State Standards for Mathematics. The robust diagnostic data should be used as a formative assessment to help teachers understand students’ mathematical strengths and areas of unfinished learning to inform instruction and interventions; to evaluate course readiness; to measure program growth; and to identify content for professional learning.

Learn more at: Assessments of Preparedness and Readiness Tests

MDTP 9th Grade Assessments

Provide one reliable indication of the extent to which a student’s current mathematical proficiency matches the skills and knowledge needed for success in a ninth grade math course. The diagnostic results should be used as one measure within a set of multiple measures to inform enrollment options for students’ mathematical engagement in coursework towards college preparedness.

Learn more at: MDTP 9th Grade Assessments

MDTP Written Response Items

Provide open-ended opportunities for students to reason, think, and communicate effectively about mathematics. Each written response item is accompanied by a teacher scoring rubric and problem essence statement. Student responses provide teachers with a detailed view of each student’s conceptual grasp of a topic aligned to MDTP diagnostic tests.

Learn more at: MDTP Written Response Items

MDTP Formative Constructed Response Items

Provide a short and focused assessment designed to provide a post-intervention check of students' understanding of a key mathematical topic or concept and should be administered after students have taken an MDTP Assessment of Preparedness or Readiness Test and an intervention has occurred.

Learn more at: MDTP Formative Constructed Response Items

Download complete information on Effective and Appropriate Uses of the MDTP Assessment System and Recommendations for Testing and Suggested Use to inform assessment planning and professional training.