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Assessments of Preparedness and Readiness Tests

MDTP grade-level Assessments of Preparedness and course-level Readiness Tests are diagnostic assessments designed to measure students’ mathematical preparation in foundational topics of the course students are entering, and/or to inform students’ preparation for the mathematical content in the course they are promoting to. 

MDTP tests can be administered any time throughout the school year and are available for FREE on the MDTP Online Readiness Platform and in paper booklets. 

All MDTP testing is free for mathematics educators in California K-12 schools.

Refer to Recommendations for Testing and Suggested Use to inform decisions about which tests to use at each secondary level.

MDTP 9th Grade Assessments

MDTP 9th Grade Assessments were developed in response to SB-359 and are intended to provide California schools with a tool to help inform appropriate course options for students. These tests should be used as one of multiple measures, as per SB-359 requirements. 

MDTP 9th Grade Assessments are only available online using the MDTP Assessment Platform. 

To register for online testing, please use our MDTP 9th Grade Assessments testing order form.

MDTP Open-response Items

MDTP Written Response Items (WRIs) engage students in learning experiences that support students' ability to reason, think, and communicate effectively about mathematics.  WRIs range in mathematical concepts from middle school to calculus (in released and field-test versions).

MDTP Formative Constructed Response Items (FCRIs) are a short and focused assessment designed to provide a post-intervention check of students' understanding of a key mathematical topic or concept and should be administered after students have taken an MDTP Assessment of Preparedness or Readiness Test and an intervention has occurred.

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Refer to Recommendations for Testing and Suggested Use to inform decisions about which tests to use at each secondary level.

Download complete information on Effective and Appropriate Uses of the MDTP Assessment System and Recommendations for Testing and Suggested Use for assessment planning and professional training. 

Refer to Understanding MDTP Readiness and 9th Grade Assessments to learn more about MDTP grade-level and course-level tests and MDTP 9th Grade Assessments.