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MDTP Bridging Resources

See the MDTP Learning Modules and online MDTP Practice tests to assist students and faculty bridge te expectations from high school to college-level mathematics. 

MDTP Learning Modules

The MDTP Learning Modules were written by MDTP Workgroup members informed by diagnostic data from MDTP assessments. These student-centered modules can be used to review content before or after an assessment, prior to entering a new course, and at the direction of their math instructor.  

See MDTP Learning Modules for more information. 

MDTP Online College Readiness Practice Tests

MDTP offers two online Practice Readiness Tests to help students to understand their readiness for precalculus and calculus courses. See MDTP Practice Readiness Tests for more information.

Students might use their results on these practice tests to learn about topics in which they might need additional study or review.  The MDTP Learning Modules are aligned to these topics and can be used after students receive their practice tests results.  

Importing MDTP Student Responses to Illuminate

Support on how to import MDTP student responses into assessments at Illuminate can be found here or you may contact your Illuminate customer support team directly.