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Mapping Standards to MDTP Topics

MDTP provides a mapping of CA State Math Standards to each MDTP Topic and shows a progression of how each topic develops across grade and course levels on MDTP diagnostic tests. 

The example below shows a partial progression of MDTP readiness topics that develop concepts related to linear equations, inequalities, and absolute value from middle school into high school.


Mapping in this way supports recommendations from the newly adopted California Mathematics Framework to design instruction around “Big Ideas” and making content connections between the most important mathematical concepts both within and across grade and course-level learning progressions rather than focusing on a check list of stand-alone standards. 

Similarly, the MDTP Topic Progressions Towards College Readiness. map standards by topics across grade levels and courses rather than list isolated standards to individual test questions. 

For the standards by topic progressions for all MDTP Topics through all levels of diagnostic tests, download MDTP Topic Progressions Towards College Readiness.