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MDTP Online College Readiness Practice Tests

MDTP offers two online Practice Readiness Tests to help students to understand their readiness for precalculus (Mathematical Analysis Readiness Test) and calculus (Calculus Readiness Test). 

These on-line multiple-choice tests may be useful in preparing for some mathematical placement tests used by some California colleges and universities.

Each on-line test includes a diagnostic scoring report to help students identify strengths and weaknesses in some topic areas. These 40 question multiple-choice tests should be taken without a calculator. The recommended time needed for taking each test is approximately one hour, but there is no enforced time limit.

  • There is no fee for taking these tests.
  • There is no fee for the diagnostic scoring report.
  • Nothing is downloaded to your computer.
  • No log-ins or passwords are required.
  • No data is stored by MDTP.
  • The tests can be taken more than once.

To take the practice Mathematical Analysis Readiness Test click here: 

To take the practice Calculus Readiness Test click here: 

Students might use their results on these practice tests to learn about topics in which they might need additional study or review.  The MDTP Learning Modules are aligned to these topics and can be used after students receive their practice tests results.  

See MDTP Learning Modules for more information.