California Community and Private Colleges

Annual licenses grant the right for Community and Private Colleges in California to administer MDTP tests to their students.  The tests are normally administered by Mathematics Departments, Testing and Assessment Officers, Matriculation, and sometimes other student service officers as part of the matriculation process to place students in mathematics courses. MDTP tests have been validated and approved for use until 2019 by the CCCCO.

The fee is $400 per year if the fall unduplicated head count is less than 5,000 students.  The fee is $800 per year if the fall unduplicated head count is 5,000 or more students. Licenses are for the term July 1 through Jun 30. The CCC standard license requires community colleges to report their test usage to MDTP twice a year. 3-year license are available at a reduced cost for limited use by Learning Disability Specialists (DSPS).

MDTP makes every effort to make these tests affordable to colleges and universities. Our fee is not based on the number of tests used or the number of students tested. MDTP may waive the first year's fee for first time users to allow them to administer test for the purpose of collecting data to validate cut scores and placement criteria if the college is not using the test scores to place students in mathematics classes.

Available Tests

The Algebra Readiness tests readiness for algebra. Includes arithmetic operations with decimals, fractions, and integers. Tests available: AR50_86 and AR50_90

The Elementary Algebra Diagnostic tests readiness for second course in algebra. Appropriate when the second course follows immediately after the first-year algebra and students have not been exposed to a year of geometry. Tests available: EA50C86

The Intermediate Algebra Diagnostic tests readiness for courses with Intermediate Algebra prerequisites.  It is appropriate for students who have not had a full course in Geometry. Tests available: IA45C86 and IA45C91

The Precalculus Diagnostic tests readiness for calculus. Tests available: PC40C86 and PC60C86


MDTP Standard License 2016-2017

MDTP 3 Year Limited Use License 2016-2019


The MDTP Community College Coordinator is available to California community colleges. Please contact MaryAnne with questions concerning the use of MDTP materials by community colleges.

MaryAnne Anthony e-mail:

The MDTP Coordinator handles business matters such as licensing, usage data requests, invoices, payments, camera ready copy, and purchases of test booklets.

Adana Martinez e-mail: