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MDTP primarily serves schools, colleges, and public universities in California. Please use the navigation bar on the left for more information about the project and what materials and services are available.

All CSU/UC MDTP tests are copyrighted, their content may not be used in other test forms. MDTP materials are provided to schools with the understanding that the tests will be kept secure and all test administrations will be scored by MDTP regional offices or MDTP licensed vendors (Datawise, Edusoft, Daskala). All licensed vendors are required to submit scoring data to MDTP to enable the project to send printed reports directly to students' teachers.

MDTP regional offices (sites) are located on CSU and UC campuses and are supported by their campus and a grant from the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP).

New MDTP Video Documentaries

MDTP has produced three videos to document how MDTP tests are used formatively in classrooms, departments, and schools through interviews with teachers, students, and administrators in their classrooms and offices.

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MR — Mathematical Analysis Readiness Test (Precalculus Readiness)
CR — Calculus Readiness Test

Math Common Core State Standards


Statement on Competencies in Mathematics Expected of Entering College Students