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MDTP Outreach

MDTP offers free outreach directly to math educators at the teacher, school, and district level to use MDTP in effective and appropriate ways (such as pre-testing support and post-data workshops).  Contact your MDTP Regional Office to schedule a support session with your local MDTP Regional Director.

To support educators during pandamic learning modalities, MDTP presents virtual conference and webinar sessions.

MDTP Conference Sessions

MDTP virtual conference sessions provide in-depth opportunities for math educators to learn about MDTP, the MDTP Assessment System, how to use diagnostic results formatively, and how MDTP open-response items and Learning Modules can be used to support post-diagnostic testing.  

View all previously recorded sessions at MDTP Conferences.

MDTP Webinars

MDTP webinars support math educators to use the MDTP Assessment System during COVID-19. Webinars feature a 30-minute info-session on specified topics immediately followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

A recording of each live webinar is posted at MDTP Webinars.

  • Session 1: The MDTP Assessment System: Why use it and When?
  • Session 2: A Guide to Setting Up Using MDTP Remotely
  • Session 3: Accessing, Interpreting and Using MDTP Results Formatively
  • Session 4: Using MDTP Results to Enact Re-engagement Strategies
  • Session 5: Strategies for Using MDTP Written Response Items
  • Session 6: Using MDTP Diagnostic Data and Written Response Items to Support Students' Unfinished Learning

Visit MDTP Webinars and Presentations for full session information.