MDTP Diagnostic Platform Tutorials

The PDF tutorials below are designed to help users navigate the online MDTP Diagnostic Platform that houses the MDTP grade-level Assessments of Preparedness and course-level Readiness Tests.

Access the MDTP Diagnostic Platform at: and select "Readiness".

Adding Users (administrators only)

Adding District Administrators

Adding School Administrators

Adding Faculty or Proctors

Adding Classes and Students

Adding Classes

Uploading a Class Roster

Adding Single Student Enrollment

Assigning, Proctoring and Closing Exams

Assigning, Proctoring and Closing Exams

Reopening a Test

Navigating the Student Testing Environment 

Students Entering and Exiting a Test

Reviewing and Downloading Data and Reports 

Viewing a Class Report

Viewing a Combined Report

Viewing a Comparison Report Between Tests

Downloading and Exporting Reports

Navigating the Diagnostic Data and Reports Section

Sample Reports

 Contact your regional MDTP office for additional support.