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Online Testing

MDTP provides free online testing to faculty at California secondary schools, University of California campuses, and California State University campuses.  Online testing provides immediate access to robust data results and dynamic report features. 

MDTP offers the following two testing platforms to accommodate different testing modalities.

Remote Testing to Support Hybrid Learning

During the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, MDTP will support educators remotely during distance learning and hybrid models by offering online testing on the MDTP Diagnostic (Readiness) testing platform. For more information, see the information on Remote Testing using MDTP.

Assessments of Preparedness and Readiness Tests

The MDTP Diagnostic Platform houses MDTP grade-level Assessments of Preparedness and course-level Readiness Tests which provides traditional MDTP reporting with critical levels around foundational topics of mathematics. Use this registration form to request access to this testing platform.

Access tutorials for this platform at MDTP Diagnostic Platform Tutorials.

9th Grade Assessments

The MDTP Assessment Platform houses MDTP 9th Grade Asssesments.  This platform provides timing options and self-registration; however, critical levels are not provided on 9th Grade Assessments.  Register for access to MDTP 9th Grade Assessments using the online testing registration form. 

Access tutorials for 9th Grade Assessment platform at MDTP 9th Grade Assessment Tutorials.

For information regarding Remote Testing click here