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Assessing Students in Remote Learning

For best results, MDTP should be administered in face-to-face and in-person instructional environments when instructors are actively proctoring and monitoring appropriate student test-taking behaviors.  However, to support students who may only attend instruction remotely due to COVID, MDTP allows educators to administer tests to students remotely using the MDTP Diagnostic (Readiness) testing platform. This platform includes the following assessments:

Note: The MDTP Online Testing Platform is only available Mon-Fri from 7am-5:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Educators wishing to administer MDTP assessments must do so with the following purposes in mind:

  • MDTP grade-level and course-level diagnostic assessments are designed to measure students’ mathematical preparation in foundational topics of the course students are entering, and/or to inform students’ preparation for the mathematical content in the courses to which they will be promoted.
  • The diagnostic results should be used formatively to understand students' strengths and areas of unfinished learning, inform instruction and potential interventions, inform next-course readiness, measure program growth, and identify appropriate professional learning.
  • MDTP grade-level and course-level diagnostic assessments are not comprehensive and should not be used as a final or unit exam.

Educators looking to administer MDTP assessments in remote settings must agree on testing protocols as defined on the MDTP Remote Testing Policy and Use Agreement.  Please contact your regional MDTP office to receive a copy of this policy.

MDTP created a two-minute video that instructors may view with their students to help them understand the process, protocol, and copyright laws surrounding MDTP materials. 

Student success during testing requires a stable Internet connection.  Therefore, remote access and performance of the MDTP platform may not function the same as if students are accessing the platform via a school bandwidth. 

MDTP offers the following resourses to support your use of MDTP assessments. 
  1. Instructions for Remote Testing video that teacher may view with their students.  
  2. Recommendations for Testing and Suggested Use provides suggestions about which MDTP tests to administer for different grade/course levels during different times of the school year.
  3. Six Guidelines to Inform Next-Course Enrollment Options provides guidelines for using MDTP to inform next-course enrollment options for students.
Contact your regional office for additional online support. 

Register for Online Testing

To register for online testing, please use our online testing registration form.

This page contains our current policy and will be updated to reflect new developments.