MDTP Video Documentary

These three videos have been produced to document how MDTP tests are used formatively in classrooms, departments, and schools through interviews with teachers, students, and administrators in their classrooms and offices. MDTP hopes these videos stimulate ideas among mathematics teachers and administrators about the role of formative assessment in their classrooms and schools.

Shifting Pedagogy and Focus 

This video shows how teachers use MDTP diagnostic tests to inform and enhance their classroom teaching practices. Questions addressed in this video include: How has MDTP helped you in the classroom? What do you find particularly useful about MDTP? Once you receive MDTP test results for your students, what are your next steps?

Sharing Students' Strengths & Weaknesses 

This video shows how teachers use MDTP diagnostic tests to coordinate and inform their efforts at a more collective level to shape mathematics teaching, assessment, support and intervention, and other policies. Questions addressed in this video include: What has been the impact of MDTP on your department? When teachers discuss MDTP test results, what do they talk about? How do teachers use MDTP to communicate with students and their parents?

Placing Students for Success

This video shows how administrators view and support the use of MDTP by their teachers. Questions addressed in this video include: How are MDTP tests different from other tests? Why do you support the use of MDTP at your school? How does MDTP help with new students? How has MDTP impacted pedagogy and teaching practices? How could a principal use MDTP results to open conversations with her or his teachers?

MDTP thanks Susan Yonezawa and Makeba Jones of UCSD’s Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence (CREATE), and Mike Sterner of the Visual Media Group for their collaboration in producing these videos. MDTP especially thanks the teachers, principals, and students at Mira Mesa High School, The Preuss School, and St. Michael’s School in San Diego for their cooperation and contributions in the production of these videos. These videos have been prepared with the support of the California State University, the University of California, and the California Academic Partnership Program. Copyright 2012 The Regents of the University of California and The Trustees of the California State University.