MDTP Readiness Tests

Each MDTP readiness test is designed to measure mastery levels in predetermined topic areas in which competency is necessary for success in the course.  MDTP tests can be administered at various times throughout mathematics courses. Readiness tests may be given near the beginning of a course, part-way through a course, and at the end of a course. To access MDTP Readiness tests please click on the appropriate order form below.

Paper Test Order Form (Field Tests Only - Check back in August 2019) 


MDTP 9th Grade Placement Tests

MDTP 9th grade placement tests were developed in response to SB-359 and are intended to provide California schools with a tool to help inform placement. These tests can be used as one of multiple placment measures, per SB-359 requirements. For access to MDTP 9th grade placement tests, please use the link below. 


Online Testing Registration Form: Placement Platform


To learn more about the differences between MDTP readiness and placement tests, please view the document MDTP Readiness vs. Placement Testing.