K-12 Users

MDTP provides testing materials, scoring results, and written response materials to teachers in California schools. The project's funding supports its services to California precollegiate schools, University of California campuses, and California State University campuses and enables MDTP to provide materials and services free of charge to these institutions.

Materials are provided to precollegiate teachers, schools, and districts with the understanding that student responses will be scored by MDTP and the MDTP diagnostic test results reports will be sent to current teachers, so as to help teachers prepare their students for success in mathematics courses.

Teachers and schools can also use MDTP's free online testing platform to administer tests to their students and access those results online, allowing access to more robust report features. Please use our registration form to request access to the online testing platform.

MDTP ships test booklets and related materials only to accredited schools, districts, county offices of education, and other accredited agency addresses. MDTP does not ship to residential addresses. Teachers, schools, and districts should keep the test booklets clean and secure, since they may be reused for several years.

MDTP Readiness tests are low stakes when compared to many other assessments, and the diagnostic value of MDTP tests is enhanced when the test booklets are kept secure. Test booklets and answer keys should not be provided to parents or tutors or removed from the school premises.  Teachers may elect to review some test items with students, parents and/or tutors when discussing students’ preparedness for a mathematics course or when discussing topics requiring review.