Teachers may administer MDTP tests through Illuminate. Testing through Illuminate means that teachers may download and print Illuminate student answer sheets for each MDTP test.  Teachers will not be able to administer online tests, as MDTP tests are not available through Illuminate, but they can order MDTP test booklets for Illuminate testing. If interested in using Illuminate, teachers may refer to the testing process below. 


Testing Process

  1. Search Illuminate for the MDTP test desired. There are currently 19 MDTP tests loaded into Illuminate. If 19 tests cannot be found, this may indicate that your district has not released the tests for teacher use. Your district assessment manager will need to be contacted directly to allow access.
  2. Once the desired test has been found, download answer sheets as you would for any other Illuminate assessment.
  3. Administer tests using MDTP test booklets. To order MDTP booklets, please complete our paper test order form. Students will bubble responses on Illuminate answer sheets (not on MDTP answer sheets), so there is no need to order MDTP class information sheets or student answer sheets.
  4. Scan student answer sheets into Illuminate, as you would for any other Illuminate test. You will receive minimum feedback data from Illuminate.
  5. Illuminate will send the scanned results to the MDTP Director's Office. Once received, MDTP will print and send full teacher reports to you.

If you do not receive MDTP reports within one week of scanning answer sheets, please contact for assistance.


Importing Student Response Data Into Illuminate

If you would like to import MDTP student response data into Illuminate you may do so by completing the following steps:

  1. Access aggregate and single class reports in the MDTP Online testing system.
  2. Download and export results from MDTP Online.
  3. Follow the Illuminate upload instructions. 



If you would like to import MDTP student response data into EADMS you may do so by clicking the following link and following the instructions.