Non California Schools

The information on this page does not apply to California K-12 schools.

MDTP annual license agreements are available for most accredited educational institutions in the USA and Canada.

  1. If your school has an unduplicated Fall enrollment less than 5,000 students, then the annual fee is $400.
  2. If your school has an unduplicated fall enrollment of 5,000 or more, then the annual fee is $800.
  3. Test booklets are currently available for $2.00 per booklet.
  4. Sample packets are available for $20.00. This fee is required to cover the cost of materials, shipping, and handling.

The annual license fee allows your school to use and to purchase MDTP materials, which are copyrighted, and the key and topics for each of the tests ordered.  MDTP does not provide scoring software or scoring services to schools outside of California.  However, those schools may download MDTP sample test reports under California School K-12 users or use the public on-line tests see some of the data MDTP provides in its reports.

Accredited educational institutions outside of California interested in using MDTP materials should contact:

Adana Martinez
Office: (858) 822-2590
Fax: (858) 534-9058

MDTP's Online Testing Platform is available to educational institutions outside California through our partnership with Knowledge Tools, LLC. Visit the Knowledge Tools website for more information.

MDTP's License for Schools Outside of California but within the United States or Canada:

MDTP License FY1516 for use outside of California