Available MDTP Tests


MDTP Readiness Tests: 

MDTP readiness tests are intended to inform readiness by mathematical topic within current coursework and for next course.

In 2010, the state of California adopted the Common Core as its content standards in mathematics.  As a result of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), MDTP has been active in developing new readiness tests aligned to Common Core curriculum expectations.  In fall 2015, MDTP released three newly-developed readiness tests: Grade 7 Readiness, Grade 8 Readiness, and High School Readiness, which are aligned to the CCSS. In fall 2017, MDTP released two newly-developed CCSS-aligned readiness tests for curriculum from the integrated framework: Integrated Second Year Readiness and Integrated Third Year Readiness. In fall 2017, MDTP continued to field test two CCSS-aligned readiness tests for curriculum from the traditional framework:  Geometry Readiness and Second Year Algebra Readiness.  These two traditional tests are in the second year of field-testing. 


MDTP Placement Tests: 

In response to Senate Bill 359 (SB-359), The California Mathematics Placement Act legislated in October 2015, MDTP is piloting a 9th grade placement assessment program aligned to state-adopted content standards in mathematics. MDTP Placement Tests are intended to provide California schools with a tool to help inform placement. These tests may be used as one of multiple placement measures, per SB-359 requirements. All MDTP Placement Tests are currently in the field-test phase of test development.


For additional information regarding the differences between MDTP Readiness Tests and MDTP Placement Tests, please click here.

If you are interested in field-testing, please contact MDTP directly at mdtp@ucsd.edu.