Common Core-Aligned Readiness Tests

In 2010, the state of California adopted the Common Core as its content standards in mathematics.  As a result of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), MDTP has been active in developing new readiness tests aligned to Common Core curriculum expectations.  In fall 2015, MDTP released three newly-developed readiness tests: Grade 7 Readiness, Grade 8 Readiness, and High School Readiness, which are aligned to the CCSS.

MDTP has developed two high school CCSS-aligned readiness tests for curriculum from the integrated framework: Integrated Second Year Readiness and Integrated Third Year Readiness.  These two integrated tests are in the third year of field-testing. 

In fall 2016, MDTP developed two CCSS-aligned readiness tests for curriculum from the traditional framework:  Geometry Readiness and Second Year Algebra Readiness.  These two traditional tests are in the first year of field-testing. 

If you are interested in field-testing these tests, please contact MDTP directly for information at