Daskala Middle School Tests

MDTP's Grade 7 Math Readiness (7R40A15), Grade 8 Math Readiness (8R40A15), and High School Math Readiness (HS45A15) tests are available for online administrations in Daskala's new self-registration system. The steps below are a quick summary to get you started.

  1. Order test administrations, e.g., Purchase Order for public schools or a letter of authorization, on school letterhead, for billing Private and Charter Schools that do not issue Purchase Orders. MDTP cannot accept credit card payments. The cost is $1 per test administered.
  2. Submit section data to MDTP using the more basic excel template for self-registration. Registration requires teacher names and email addresses.
  3. Within five business days, teachers will be sent instructions about the test administrations, URLs and access codes for testing, and their logins for the reporting site. They should review the information and check their logins prior to testing date.

Despite the change in how online tests are set up and administered in the self-registration system, the reporting features have not changed and educators who have used Daskala before will recognize the reporting URL and screens that display their test results.

Send setup requests and inquiries to the statewide MDTP Director's Office at mdtp@ucsd.edu.