Daskala High School Tests

The following steps are a quick guide for teachers inquiring about the use of Daskala to administer MDTP high school tests.  Registration requires all student names for pre-registration.

  1. Order test administrations, e.g., Purchase Order for public schools or a letter of authorization, on school letterhead, for billing Private and Charter Schools that do not issue Purchase Orders. MDTP cannot accept credit card payments. The cost is $1 per test administered.
  2. Submit student data to MDTP using the provided Excel Template.  Note: it is the user’s responsibility to clean the data, for example: delete duplicate students, provide complete information, and include teacher emails.
  3. Teachers will be sent information about the test administrations, their log-ins, and student logins. They should review the information and check their log-ins prior to testing date.

 Send setup requests and inquiries to the statewide MDTP Director's Office at mdtp@ucsd.edu.